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Saving Accounts Scheme

Apna Green India Nidhi Limited has introduced saving account plan to encourage the savings habit and enables the depositors to earn income by the interest rates. Apna Green India Nidhi Limited offers the highest saving account interest rates to its members. Below are the required details: Savings Account Schemes Apna Green India Nidhi Limited introduced the best saving account schemes to give the members maximum benefits out of their investment with us. Details are given below:

Offering the highest rate of interest at 6% p.a.

  SMS facility is available for the members.

  Nomination facility is available for the depositors.

  Maximum amount of deposit should not exceed Rs. 1,00,000/-

  Only one nominee is required for a deposit account.

  A person is legally empowered to operate a minor account and can file a nomination on behalf of the minor.

  By filling up the prescribed form, applicants can make the nominations and can change the nomination details during the subsistence of the account.

What are the documents required to open an account?

Proof of Identity :-

1. Passport

2. Voter ID Card

3. PAN Card

4. Government/ Defence ID Card

5. Driving License

6. Pension Payment Order

7. Photo ID Card Issued by Post Office

8. Photo ID Card Issued by University

9. Photo ID Card Issued by Public Authority

10. Aadhaar Letter / Card

10. NREGA Card

Proof of Address (of Correspondence Address) :-

1. Credit Card Statement (not more than 3 months old)

2. Income/ Wealth Tax Assessment Order

3. Telephone Bill (not more than 3 months old)

4. Bank Account Statement

5. Driving License

6. Ration Card

7. Voter ID Card (only if it contains the current address)

8. Lease Deed/Sale Deed

9. Proof of Residence Issued by University*

10. Address Proof of Close Relatives

11. Address Proof of Gazetted/ Senior PSU Officers

12. Passport

13. Driving Licence

14. Aadhaar Card /Bank Passbook

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